Battlefield 1 News

Battlefield 1 is planning on being released worldwide on October 21, 2016 on the Xbox One, Origin on the PC, and Playstation 4.

This game is looking absolutely amazing. Just take a look at the following footage.

Battlefield 1 Insane Sniper Shot

What we know about Battlefield 1 so far:

EA and Dice really didn’t hold much back in regards to the Battlefield 1 reveal confirming that it is taking place in a World War 1 setting. The games incredibly beautiful visuals helps bring the Battlefield lineup into the new world.


We do know that many Battlefield players aren’t focused on the campaign gameplay and less and less development focus is being placed on these types of gameplay options. Regardless we’ve heard rumors that Battlefields 1 campaign mode will take place in the game’s multiplayer environment and that the storyline will be focused on different characters around the world. Players and fans will be able to look forward to engaging in war from a variety of viewpoints surrounding the World War 1 conflict. From various leaks it seems like Battlefield 1’s campaign will consist of seven exhilarating episodes, comprised of 20 total chapters.


Let’s face it these days multiplayer practically determines whether or not a game will be a blockbuster success. Battlefields primary success has been determined by their massive multiplayer maps that focuses on realism and depth of player engagement. During Dice’s E3 release they streamed a one hour live demonstration of the game.

The game demonstrates a 64 vs 64 player online environment. According to Dice’s released information we can expect to have four main multiplayer classes. Players will be able to choose from the following classes: Assault, Medic, Scout and Support; each with their own emphasis on gameplay and specialties. These four classes also include two additional classes that focus on vehicle operation: the Pilot and Tanker classes.